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I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for some time now. As someone without children, I found that over time researching different photographs for infant/baby/child photography was helpful for my work. For anyone who has had children, well this post is probably not going to be a lot of insight and basic “I knew that”. BUT for all of my readers that are expecting parents or new parents, I really feel that this will help you decide when hiring a photographer is best for you.

So, you want a photo of your little one. The big question is when? So much happens those first few weeks and months of a baby’s life and we all know that they grow up – FAST! There are millions of adorable photos all over but the big thing with baby photography is timing! If you schedule your photographer for a month too early or late you could end up with photos that weren’t what you were looking for (even though I’m sure your little one would still be absolutely adorable). In this article, I’m going to show sample photos of what different ages of babies can bring to photos from infant to toddler.

What the baby is capable of and what the baby will tolerate are two big factors when it comes to photography during these ages. As an infant (only a few days to weeks old), you are more likely to have a photo session filled with adorable sleeping baby photos. These are adorable and great to capture those first few days. My biggest suggestion for these types of photo sessions is to make sure you book your photographer during your pregnancy. The sooner the better in this case. Another suggestion? Do a maternity session! That way you get to know your photographer before your baby is born! Just like I suggest having all couples book an engagement session before a wedding to get to know their photographer, a maternity session is another great way to really get to know the person that will be taking your little ones photos only days after being born. That way you can establish a great relationship with them before hand. And honestly, I don’t think there is anything better than having a great relationship with your photographer! Another thing to keep in mind when booking an infant session is that they are practically impossible to book a specific date. Any photographer should know this before hand but you will need to keep this in mind. Babies have a mind of their own and will come when they come! You never want to set a specific date. You can always have one in mind but be open minded to the fact that it can, and most likely will, change! Once you have your little one, it’s important to contact your photographer as soon as possible. I know, I know… a lot is going on those first few days but the faster you contact your photographer then the faster they can find a spot in their schedule to do your session! So, with all of that said, here are a few examples of some amazing infant photography.

 {On to Baby; Newborn}

{On to Baby; Newborn}

 {On to Baby; Newborn}

 {Tami Wilson; 8 days}

new. {Newborn}

Sleepy Smiley Eli
{Beba Photography; Newborn}

After two months, I consider the children more “baby”. I may interchange these terms while talking but for the sake of this article I think it’ll be best understood for 2-6 months. At this age, they are a little more interactive with the camera in most cases. Trying to get a typical sleeping baby photo with them all curled up will be a little more difficult unless you time it perfectly. The photos during this age are more interactive. Depending on the babies exact age, you may be able to get some adorable photos of the baby sitting up and playing with some toys. Of course, like all of this information, it all depends on the individual baby and their development. Below are a few examples of some baby portraits.

 {On to Baby; 3 months}

Baby *K* Preview {Vanessa Reed Photography; 2 months}

Baby *K* 10/2011 {Vanessa Reed Photography; 2 months}

 Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

 {Jose Villa}

Six months to a year! And the real fun begins! The little monsters are up and running… okay, maybe not running but you get the point! If you are looking for those fun, laughing, giggling, can barely catch the little bugger to snap the photo pictures then this is the age for you! Babies are typically starting to walk and/or may be expert crawlers at this point! They know their toys too! I think the best part of this photography is interaction with the camera. At this point, your baby is definitely going to be aware of that stranger with the weird object in front of them snapping the photos! The best thing to keep in mind while preparing for this session? Make it fun! After all, that’s what being a baby is suppose to be about! Sit down with your photographer and discuss different baby session ideas. The more fun, the better! Really think out of the box and have a good time!

 {On to Baby; 8 months}

{On the Baby; One Year}

 {All three photos; On to Baby; 11 Months}

And what about after a year old? Well, let the fun and craziness begin…


                                                                                                                      Source: eyesmiles.typepad.com via Vanessa on Pinterest

So, there you have it. My little two cents to what to expect out of infant/baby photography. It’s a combination of what I’ve personally photographed, what I’ve read and more. If you wish to read more about baby photography check out these great links: Knowing Baby Milestones {Inspire Me Baby}; Newborn Tips {Inspire Me Baby}

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